Read feedback from some of our clients…

“Brilliant advice and support through the medium of Welsh. They are patient physios who are always smiling and understand how best to help. Marvellous service.” Rosalind 

“I spent 10 weeks in hospital after being hit down with my neurological condition. When I was discharged home it was frightening. Months earlier I was fully independent and loved the outdoor life to then being housebound walking slowly with a walking frame.  “Will I get back to normal?” “Why has this happened to me?” “Will I ever walk the way I used to again?” I am lucky, I have a supportive family who helped me during my recovery, however I really needed a neuro physio to come to my home for specialist neuro rehabilitation. It was then my daughter got in contact with Cam Cywir and it was then my recovery really started. Claire visited me every week, she has such a lovely nature and very motivating. We set goals regularly together which also motivated me. I was determined to get better and back to normal. Now 6 months on I am walking with a stick and now venturing out a little with my family. Cam Cywir got me there! I have some way to go and with Claire’s expert physiotherapy skills I am sure we will keep progressing. Thank you Cam Cywir.” Anne

“Three years ago I was taken into hospital resulting in me having to stay for a period of 16 weeks, during which I lost the use of my legs. As a consequence I had to be hoisted from bed to toilet and to the chair. When I was released from hospital I was hoisted into a specialist chair and brought home in an ambulance where I was met by carers. I had community physiotherapy visiting once a week for about 4 months and then I asked Cam Cywir to call and give me extra treatment. As a result of the treatment from them I gradually improved much more than I otherwise would have. I have found them to be very professional, knowledgeable and very pleasant Young ladies. With their continual treatment I am now able to walk a short distance with the aid of walking sticks, this is entirely due to their hard work and without their help I would not be as mobile as I am today and have no hesitation in recommending their company to anyone.” Bryan

“I was diagnosed with parkinson’s disease 3 1/2 years ago aged 50 and after much reading on the subject at the time, I found out that one of the best things I could do to help myself was to exercise. Soon after diagnosis I received a one off 6 session physiotherapy course via the NHS – this was very good, but nowhere near enough, and it made me realise it was going to be beneficial for me to have ongoing physiotherapy support to help me manage the mobility, stiffness and balance symptoms I have. For me it is not simply about having a few physiotherapy sessions and carrying on at home myself; that is a part of it, but more important for me is to have regular, ongoing physiotherapy support in tracking progression of my symptoms and help to address problem areas early on and for help with specific problem areas I have from time to time. Fortunately I found Cam Cywir very early on after diagnosis and I have been receiving physiotherapy help and support from them for approx 3 years. Heledd and Claire provide a very professional and friendly physiotherapy service.  They fully understand how parkinson’s affects me and they know how to help me. I highly recommend the excellent physiotherapists at Cam Cywir, they have helped me enormously and continue to do so.  They are very important to me in helping manage Parkinson’s disease and I would not be without them.” S.H.

“I suffered a stroke following a vertebral artery dissection (VAD) in August 2015. This was a very rare type of stroke which had a life changing effect on my mobility, balance and speech which affected the left side of my body. I received physiotherapy during my 3 months in Glangwili Hospital along with occupational therapy to help red-educate my muscles and nerves to help regain some mobility and balance following the stroke. After being discharged from hospital I continued to receive physiotherapy as part of Hywel Dda Health Board and when the service came to an end I started physiotherapy sessions with Cam Cywir.

Cam Cywir have been providing excellent specialist physio care from the start. Since having Indeg, Heledd and Claire as physiotherapists I have seen significant improvements after every single session which has a massive impact on my daily tasks. Each session they make me feel at ease, explain everything thoroughly and give me exercises to do in between sessions. They have an extensive knowledge of my ability, meaning that they can tailor each session to my needs and capabilities while making each session fun. The support and patience they have given me is second to none. I was discharged from hospital with limited mobility and balance. Through intensive physiotherapy sessions and sessions in the hydrotherapy pool I am now able to walk unaided using a walker for short distances. This may not seem a lot but this has been a journey and continues to be a long journey. Stroke recovery is a slow process but I am extremely happy to have the support of Cam Cywir as without them I wouldn’t have made the improvements I have made to date, and look forward to working with both Indeg, Heledd and Claire in the future to improve as much as I can.” David